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Hi, I’m Ciprian, an SEO/CRO consultant
I specialise in putting Dublin (and Ireland) businesses on page 1 of

Technical SEO Services At A Glance
Hi, I’m Ciprian, a Technical SEO/CRO consultant, specialising in putting Dublin (and Ireland) businesses on page 1 of provides a premier search engine optimisation service in Dublin, Ireland (and not only) and provides a service that is very successful in ranking their clients for their keywords. My service is also a provider of an exclusive service of relevance optimisation where clients’ sites have an up to 70% rate of being chosen for their keyword.

My Technical SEO services are broken down into three parts – getting found online (SEO), getting selected (SEM) and getting contacted (CRO). is part of a large SEO group of experts who constantly test what is working and what’s not working and experiment with the latest ideas, trends and discoveries. My service in Dublin provides a free evaluation for anyone interested in optimising their website.

Dublin SEO Services At A Glance
Be More Relevant

Search engine optimisation in Ireland is an extremely competitive marketplace and I believe I am on top of it and can make my clients’ sites more relevant. Interested?

Send me an email now at and let’s talk. It’s free πŸ˜‰

Request A Personalised SEO Audit Today

Request an SEO audit today! These aren’t your standard automatically generated reports that are spat out by software. Each of my audits are fully tailored and will walk you through all the things you can do to improve your SEO score, as well as increase your web conversions (something most Ireland SEO agencies will overlook!).

I aim to get the audit back to you within 72 hours.

Simply send an email to with the subject line “SEO audit” and I’ll get back to you. Please include your website URL, keywords and the geographical areas you’re targeting.