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Your 7 Step Guide To Website Maintenance

Websites aren't something you create once and then you're done. You need to constantly care for them and do ongoing website maintenance to ensure they do the job as effectively as in day one.

Once you've built your website and it's up and running, make note of a few main web maintenance tasks that you need to remember to do on a weekly (or even daily) basis moving forward.

To help you out, I have organised these tasks by how often you should perform them: quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily.


Free SEO Tools (2020 Edition)

Let's say you're on a budget or you're running a free, preliminary SEO audit for a client and you can't afford to spend your premium credits.

Luckily, there's plenty of free SEO tools or premium SEO tools with free trials or free daily credits.

Unfortunately, there's too many to know which one will help and which one will add more confusion both for you and your client.

Here's a curated list of free SEO tools I use in 2020.


Credits: SpeedFactor | SEO, SEM, CRO & Inbound Marketing Community