Scuba Diving may be the most popular thing tourists do during a Guam vacation. The island is just east of the Philippines and a bit South of Japan which makes it perfect to explore what the Pacific has on its floors.

Scuba diving Guam is best on the Cocos Island, Apra Harbor, and the Tumon. If you don’t have your own gear, you will find most hotels and resorts more than willing to rent scuba suits and paraphernalia for a very reasonable fee.

The Tumon Bay is great for beginner scuba divers. The place is renowned for the beautiful stretch of coral reefs which protects the bay and makes the waters calm. Guam diving shops can be found between Agat and Tumon, so things are pretty much there for your scuba adventure in Guam wherever you head.

Compared to other diving places in Australia or Mexico, the waters of Guam are relatively easier to deal with. The tropical weather condition is also perfect. Every diver will thank mother nature for sending calmer waves this spot of the world.

Tourists who do not have experience in scuba diving will find good dive schools around Guam. Some lessons may have some high tag prices but it will help if you can book your scuba diving lessons well in advance or before you go to Guam. You can do it from your computer at home or even ask your hotel to help arrange some dive lessons for you.

More experience divers can go for some scuba tour by hiring a boat to take them further out the ocean where you can see a greater variety of marine life. Night scuba diving is also very popular in Guam.